10 Products that will Last a Lifetime

We are surrounded by so many shopaholics around us who buy anything and everything and there are few people who shop quite less but end up picking the best in the market. Human beings are known to develop attachments to materialistic things, your favorite dress, lucky pen, ancestral properties etc. and then we also have gifts that last for a last time. Continue reading to know the top ten products that will last you for a life time.

10.   Currency Coins:

currency coins 300x117 10 Products that will Last a Lifetime

“An ideal person is one who moves towards his future holding his past strongly in his head.” Old currency coins are one such example. They speak a lot about the year in which they were minted. Think about saving coins of today & seeing them after many years, few may have common wealth engraved on them, few may have food and nutrition displayed. Coins are different and may not be used again, like the 25ps coins or 50ps coins but the memories they carry will last long really long!

9. Watches:

watches 300x274 10 Products that will Last a Lifetime

Now moving to something that is more close to a man’s heart: Watches! There are different types of watches in our wardrobe, first salary watch, first gifted watch by parents or someone special, watch that looks smart, watch that some star wore in some film for some scene. Well today most of the people are seen carrying at least a minimum of 3 to 4 watches with them, all showing the same time but yet so different. Though, the battery may die out but the memories a watch protects in it can last a life time.


8. Musical Instruments:

musical instrument 10 Products that will Last a Lifetime

There is a hidden singer present in every human. Most sing in bathrooms while few make to the center stage. A musical instrument always is an added asset to your home décor whether you know how to play it or not. In fact in the accent Asian tribal communities musical instruments were given special place in the household as the strings of the instrument were believed to bring good fortune. The design and construction of most of them is such that they will surely last a life time.


7. Metal Tools:

metal tools 300x232 10 Products that will Last a Lifetime

Broken pan handler to fix, or a screw to be inserted inside a wall metallic tools are a must in any household. These tools come in various forms and shapes depending upon a person’s requirement. Not only is it a good thing to have metallic instruments within your household it also acts as a support system in times of emergences. Remember every vehicle comes with its tool kit? They are easy to maintain and can be stored into a small square also.

6. Jewelry:

jewellery 285x300 10 Products that will Last a Lifetime

We Indians have believed a lot in giving to our next generations something that stays with them as a remembrance of the past while they move ahead towards their future.  One such example is old and antique jewelry pieces. Though you may have a good collection of new and latest neck pieces; that old hand craft will always hold a special place in your heart. Jewelry preservation has been taking place since history and today also is a leading trend.

5. Music Storing Devices:

music Storage Device 300x204 10 Products that will Last a Lifetime

Whether it is those old cassettes, Cd’s, DVD players or even gamma phone styled collection. Your favorite song can safely stay inside it and thanks to the leading technology it is very easy to convert them into something more usable to the new trending devices. The idea to have a separate corner at your home that contains such goodies is really thinking out of the box. Product that stores, lasts and adds special value to your interiors.


4. Plant A Tree :

tree 10 Products that will Last a Lifetime

Have you heard that trees stay for as long as 4,000 years? Think about growing a tree in your backyard or any open space near by in your locality. It will grow as you grow up; there are so many ways you can utilize a tree, consume its fruits, swing on its branches, or simply take a family lunch under its shade. Tree will always be with you. Planting a tree is not only a good step towards preserving your e

3. Home Sweet Home:

sweet home 10 Products that will Last a Lifetime

In India, after agriculture construction is the next most revenue generating industry sector thanks to the never ending needs of mankind. Home may easily rank in the top 3 list of priority every human has to fulfill. To have a good home gives you security, balanced life and a good investment. A well maintained and a well-kept home always is an asset for any individual.

2. Photo albums:

photo album 300x300 10 Products that will Last a Lifetime

The new hi-tech technology has given us sophisticated video recording and picture capturing methods, but nothing can beat those old cameras. They captured memories in them, which we could see & re live any time flipping pages of a photo album. In olden days, people used to rehearse for hours together before clicking a picture as the roll was limited but today, they just fail to care. Photo albums are something that are really precious and priceless; surely to last a life time.

1. Books:

books 10 Products that will Last a Lifetime

A person’s true friend and a real source of knowledge, books have always been every human’s favorite. There is no age limit to having a book and there no limit to the type of books available in the market. When you are alone they become your companions, when you want to learn they become your teachers, when you want to laugh they become jokers for you, they are simply perfect. If kept dry and maintained well they are surly going to last for a life time.

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