10 Things Everyone would Love to have, Except Sex

Humans are born with wants and desires, few which they manage to accomplish, few which remain as desires only. Many of us are planning from our childhood as to what we will buy first form our salaries, who already are receiving salaries maybe saving them to use them fruitfully in the future. But do we always manage to get what we want? DO our wants and desires ...

Top 10 Costliest Bikes in the World in 2012

1. Dodge Tomahawk
Bikes are something that makes one crazy. There are so many people today who are just passionate about bikes. There are so many bikes that are available in the market today having different types of specification and uses. People have it according to their choice and needs. Here we have tried to list bikes on the basis of their price. Given the specifications ...

Top 10 Best Scooty’s for Girls India

Scooty is the passion of girls in this present time but the choice is different person to person. So here we present the Top 10 scootys which are preferred by girls and make them trendy and easy to ride. So there are so many scootys available in the market but these are best in all. But preferences are depended on the income, need, design, brand, color and combination. ...

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in the World 2012

A bike is a two wheeled motor vehicle.Bikes considerably vary depending on the task on which they are designed.Now days people are considerably moving towards the bikes from cars.Also especially the teen aging love biking.Because riding a bike with skills is not a common and the new generation is always in the race of doing something new all the time.Today the ...
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