Top 10 Most Dangerous Air Hijacks Ever

Most of us, would have dreamt of flying in the sky like a bird and go away to a place like “Peter pan’s Neverland” in our childhood days.  Though it is a pleasant feeling to think of even while we grow, we learn to be practical enough, and some carry on their dreams by becoming pilots. People fly the sky to travel from one place to another through airplanes. It’s an awesome experience for anyone who flies the sky for the first time of course for some it can be a nightmare with nauseous feeling at the time of take off and landing. But flying by airplanes is scarier in today’s world due to the terrorists and other mobs hijacking the planes and resulting in crash of planes or death of many hostages.

Hijacking airplanes is usually done on a sole purpose to demand a ransom from the government and it’s done mostly by terrorists. Some times the hijacked planes are crashed directly without any notice and sometimes the hijackers keep the people as hostages by re-routing the planes to different directions of their own destinations until their demands are fulfilled. , There were small hijacks, which were solved by meeting the demands of the hijackers by negotiations while some of them had been more fatal ones in the history. Some of those dangerous hijacks, which caused a serious threat and damage, are

10. September 11, 2001 attack:

air hijack1 Top 10 Most Dangerous Air Hijacks Ever

The terrorist of al-qaeda attack on US Twin Towers is the most fatal attack in the history, which is never forgotten by the world. This attack was caused by the then leader of al-Qaeda Osama-bin-laden. These extremists hijacked American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 77, and United Airlines Flight 93 and crashed all of these into the famous Twin Towers of World Trade Center, Pentagon building, and Stonycreek Township. This attack caused a lot of damage to the US nations as well as to the entire world causing a lot of death. Around 2,996 people died and many were injured, who are facing problems even today. Though recently Osama- bin- laden was captured and died in the encounter, the damage caused by him and his gang is severe.

9. D. B. Cooper Hijack – November 24, 1971

db cooper Top 10 Most Dangerous Air Hijacks Ever

The hijack of the Boeing 727 aircraft by a mystery man famously called D.B. Cooper remains an unsolved case till date. The investigation from FBI agents is ongoing while the Cooper remains unidentified. The suspect took an air ticket in the false name as Dan Cooper, which was made as D. B. Cooper by media people. He took a ransom amount of $200,000 and escaped to an unknown place through a parachute. So far nor the money neither the man is recovered. There were around 36 passengers and 6 crew members and all survived the hijack. Though the case remains a mystery, some suspect that Cooper might have not survived his jump from the airplane, the case is still open with active agents working on it.

8. Pan Am Flight 73- 1986

hijack china Top 10 Most Dangerous Air Hijacks Ever

The Pan Am Flight was attacked by men who were dressed in the form of security, before its take off. The crew escaped through a small space in the cockpit. The hijackers were a part of Palestinian Abu Nidal terrorist organization. A passenger who identified himself as an American was shot dead. The attackers caused a havoc of shootings when the Pakistani troops took steps to behold the situation and the attackers tossed grenade. Around 20 passengers were killed along with the brave and courageous 22-year old flight attendant Neeraja Bhanot helped many off the plane and shielded three children with bullet shoots.

7. Egypt Air Flight 648:

aeroplace hijacked Top 10 Most Dangerous Air Hijacks Ever

This is one of the most fatal attacks in the history of air hijacks. It is also an attack by the Abu Nidal organization. This attack caused a lot of deaths. On November 23, 1985, the gang attacked the flight right 10 minutes after the take off. The leader Omar Rezaq was collecting the passports of the passengers, and Egyptian security opened fire, killing one of the terrorists instantly. In this mishap a fuselage was punctured, causing a lot depressurize. As a result of lack of fuel the destination of the attackers changed from Libya to Malta.

6. Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961

mexico hijack Top 10 Most Dangerous Air Hijacks Ever

On November 23, 1996 three Ethiopians hijacked the plane, which crash-landed in the Indian Ocean. This is one of the disastrous hijack resulting in the second place after the September 11 2001 attack. It was identified, as the attackers were unemployed high school graduates. They demanded a ransom and threatened to blow up the flight if their demands were not met. The flight ran out of fuel, and in spite of the pilots warnings the attackers demanded not to stop. The pilot could not locate the place to land the plane and crashed it into the ocean. Many passengers died as they inflated life jackets in the cabin as the rising water trapped them inside. The scuba divers and few of French doctors who were on vacation rescued some out of the water.

5. Air India Flight 182

airindia hijack Top 10 Most Dangerous Air Hijacks Ever

On 23 June 1985, a total number of 329 people were killed when the plane was blown up by a bomb and was crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. This incident made a drastic change in Canadian history. Among the 329 people, there were 280 Canadians, 27 British citizens and 22 Indians. There were no survivors of this attack as the plane was blown out. After 20 years investigation it was claimed the attackers were of a Sikh group in Canada.

4. Iraqi Airways Flight 163

This flight was attacked by hijackers on 25th December of 1986 and was hijacked by four men. A hand grenade exploded in the cockpit causing the plane to crash near Arar, Saudi Arabia. There were about 106 people on board, among them 60 passengers and 3 crew members died.

3. Dawson Field Hijackings- 1970

air hijacking Top 10 Most Dangerous Air Hijacks Ever

On September 6, 1970 five jet planes were hijacked by the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) group and had around 310 people as hostages. PFLP kept 56 Jewish people as hostages and released non-Jews. They blew up the empty planes with explosives. The remaining hostages were released in exchange of three PLFP members and Khaled.

2. El Al Flight- 426

This is another hijack attacked by the same extremist group called PFLP. On July 23, 1968 the plane was diverted to Algiers. Twelve passengers and a crew of ten members were held as hostages. Ten women and children were released after a weeklong. This attack was made due to a demand to release of 16 convicted Arab terrorist. After few weeks every hostage was released in exchange of the 16 terrorist.

1. Atlas Jet Airline Flight

mexico hijack Top 10 Most Dangerous Air Hijacks Ever

An Atlas Airplane was hijacked when it was ready to take off. Though it was not as much a disastrous one as the others it did create panic and havoc. Two men forced into the cockpit of the plane claiming themselves as the members of Al-Qeada and threatened the crew members and passengers to blow up the plane with a bomb. There were about 6 crew members and 136 passengers. The pilot pretended for the need of fuel and took an immediate landing in Antalya. The police took control of the situation, while crew members and passengers escaped through windows and doors, the attackers had no choice other than to surrender themselves.

In between there are many other small hijacks of planes which were either controlled by authorities or which did not cause much damage. But the intense in which the terrorist are growing, it is always a threating experience to travel by airplanes. Though nothing is guaranteed some of the best airplanes are taking good measures for the same purpose, and airports follow strict rules of security. Sometimes the strict and tight security can be a real pain, but do not forget all that is for our own safety.

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