Top 10 Stories of Stephen King that are Not on the Reel

Moviegoers might have encountered the name Stephen King countless times. It is because Stephen Edwin King is a famous author that is known for his stories of different genres like fantasy, horror, fiction and suspense that has been adapted for the movies. Nevertheless, this author still has a lot of great stories that are unfilmed. Have a glimpse of those stories here.

10. It is not a horror novel but “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” would be an amazing movie. The story revolves around a girl who got lost in a forest. She is a fan of the Boston Red Sox and she imagined that Tom Gordon, her favourite player, is guiding her safe against unseen monsters.

9. The baseball story in “Blockade Billy”. A short book that tells about the baseball story of the 1950’s makes a good read especially with the additional surprising twists by Stephen King. It is with no doubt that a good film adaptation of this will make it to the blockbuster.

Stephen King Top 10 Stories of Stephen King that are Not on the Reel

8. “The Gingerbread Girl” will be a challenge for an actress. Since there is only one main character in this story, it needs a thorough audition if ever they are going to make this a movie. It presents an empowering end of a story about a woman, Emily, who was abducted when she was jogging.

7. “Insomnia” as another fantasy. A man learns about alien-ish beings that are on the mission from the command of their master to destroy the world.

6. A vexing time travel in “11/22/63”. Here, the character found a portal that could take him back to 1958. He devises plans on how to stop the JFK assassination only to find out that the timeline will reset if he will leave or enter the portal.

5. Zombies again at “Cell”. People are not new to seeing zombie-like creatures in films. This may not be unique to the story of Cell but how the story unfolds will leave you breathless.

4. More fantasy with “The Eyes of the Dragon”. After the huge hit of “The Game of Thrones”, a TV series adapted from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”, it is a wonder why this book of King has not found its way yet to the screen.

3. Awesome adventures for “The Talisman”.This is about the story of Jack Sawyer who wants to save his mother. To do that, he needs to travel to another world. Read this and be transported to another world together with Sawyer to experience adventures.

2. “The Long Walk” is a race for survival. Have you watched “The Hunger Games”? This story is about a yearly event that gathers 100 participants who must race to survive while maintaining their 4mi/hr speed. Dropping below that speed will get you a warning, and getting a warning for three times will get you a ticket that means death.

1. Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” is an all-in-one story. It has everything from sci-fi to drama to time travel to romance and more of the elements that people usually look for in books and movies. You will never get tired of this even if it consists of seven volumes.By the way, a movie adaptation of this will be released soon.

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