Top 10 Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs

With funky yet soul stirring guitar sections, groovy bass lines, steady drumming and innovative vocals the Chili Peppers have won the hearts of millions around the world since their formation in the 80s. Here are the top 10 songs from the band:

10. Knock Me Down:  Off the album ‘’Mother’s Milk’’, this is probably the first real “hit” from the band. The song talks about vocalist Anthony Kiedis’ struggle with substance abuse, and is quite upbeat. The album showcased the talents of guitarist John Frusciante to the world for the first time.

9. My Friends: Guitarist Dave Navarro joined the band after Frusciante’s first departure in 1992, but did not really hit the heights with the Chili Peppers. However, this song stands out from their 1995 album “One Hot Minute”, and is quite different from most of the band’s funk driven tracks. Vocalist Anthony Kiedis takes a break from his usual rap style vocals, focusing more on melodic singing.

8. Californication: This song is probably the most popular Chili Peppers track around the world. Commendable vocal work from Kiedis and subtle techniques on the snare used by drummer Chad Smith make this a song worth listening to on a loop. The guitar solo by the great Frusciante acts as the icing on the cake.

7. Give It Away: Funky. That is the one word that can define this one from the Chili Peppers. Epic bass playing from Flea and great guitar work from Frusciante give the song a whole new dimension. Kiedis’ vocals are quite frankly absurd, but so very memorable.

6. Hey: One of the more under-rated songs from the Chili Peppers, this song features some smooth and subtle work on the guitar from John Frusciante. He sings backing vocals as well, and doesn’t fare badly there either.

5. Road Trippin’: A primarily acoustic number which focuses on the finger-picking talents of Frusciante. Kiedis’ lyrics are sure to move you as well. Flea’s bass compliments the guitar perfectly.

4. Snow: Once you hear this, you will begin to understand what John Frusciante can really do with the guitar. The main riff of the song oozes class, and the rest of it is stunningly catchy. Kiedis’ vocal performance is stellar, especially during the verses.

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3. By The Way: This is the title track from the band’s 2002 album “By The Way”. Flea and Chad Smith work the rhythm section brilliantly in this one, while Kiedis raps his way through the verses, which lead to a super-catchy chorus. John Frusciante’s backing vocal work shines once more.

2. Venice Queen: This is Kiedis’ tribute to Gloria Scott, his therapist during his darker days of drug addiction. Gloria passed away shortly after Kiedis bought a home for her on California’s Venice Beach. The haunting opening to the song, containing the verses leads up to a swift change in pace, with Frusciante kicking in with the acoustic guitar. The song suddenly becomes an emotional roller coaster, sure to leave you with a tear in your eye when it ends.

1. Under The Bridge: Many regard this song to be the best written by the Chili Peppers, because of its sheer emotional content. Kiedis pours his heart out in the lyrics, as he traces his way back to some of his darkest memories. John Frusciante also contributes heavily with his guitar work.

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