Top 10 Most Dangerous Battles of World History

Since the human evolution, battles have been an integral part of the life. They have got place in religious texts, community talks, individual levels and even future makers. Here are presented the top 10 great battles of all time which changed the world and are still remembered.

10. Battle between Ottoman and Austrians

Suleiman II Top 10 Most Dangerous Battles of World History

It was the year of 1529 that this battle became a great blockade to Muslim expansion and preserved Christianity in the central and west Europe. Nine years before this was had Suleiman II became the king of Ottoman Empire. He had to his credits the greatest victories and annexed many under him.  In 1529, he set out for capturing Vienna and destroyed many in his way. He had a strong support of army men whose count was more than 1, 20,000 and then had 2,00,000 additional supporters also whereas against him was the small in number army of Vienna i.e. 20,000 with 72 cannons. Yet they managed to defend their post which got natural defense also. The Austrians did not let any of their breach or mines plan got successful and hence, Suleiman had to withdraw. This was an unbelievable defeat for Ottoman Empire and then they ultimately declined.


9. Battle of Waterloo:

Waterloo Top 10 Most Dangerous Battles of World History

This Battle marked the end of great warrior Napoleon Bonaparte and hence, the Allied forces consisting of British, Russian, Prussian and Austrian army defeated the French which lead to termination of French control in Europe. It was fought in 1815 near Brussels. Napoleon had army of around 70,000 against 65,000 of Duke of Wellington. After this defeat, Louis was returned to French power and Napoleon was imprisoned later and then, he dies in 1821.


8.Battle of Huai-Hai:

huai Top 10 Most Dangerous Battles of World History

It lead to the Communists being the dominant in China when they defeated the army of National party of Kuomintang. The communists were under Mao Zedong and Chiang was leading the Nationalists, Their conflicts for power over China did not come within a small tie, but there were events for many years between these two. In October and November,1948 the Communist army dominated over nationalists and finally, in December 1948, US stopped aiding Chiang which ultimately led to his resignation from Nationalists leadership in January 1949. Aftermath being the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is still governing the most populous nation of the world.


7.Bombing At Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

Hiroshima1 Top 10 Most Dangerous Battles of World History

This has been one of the worst battle memories in the human history. In 1945 , August 6, An atomic bomb named “little boy” was dropped on Hiroshima , this bomb created havoc and claimed more than 70,000 lives . Hiroshima was targeted because of its military and industrial importance. Then after three days, another bomb named “Fat Man” was dropped on Nagasaki and it killed 60,000 people. With this, Japan gave in and World War II came to an end.


6. Cajamarca:

Cajamarca Top 10 Most Dangerous Battles of World History

 Francisco Pizarro was the man who gave Spain its way of control in this war. His victory established the Spanish into South America, its riches, traditions etc. When he arrived on pacific coast, the Incan leader had just died and his heir, named Atahualpa acquired the throne. In 16th century, Atahualpa headed on Pizarro with little preparedness and less army because he underestimated the enemy forces. The only loss Spanish forces i.e. Pizarro had was he himself got bit injured, otherwise it proved to be a great victory. With this, the Incan culture, religion and values came to an end and even today, Spanish culture dominates South America.


5. Antietam:

Antietam Top 10 Most Dangerous Battles of World History

This battle is infamous in the American Civil war and occurred in year 1862. Since their independence in 1781, there had broken out tensions in the north and south parts of America. First South Carolina separated from the Union, and then many states kept on joining them. The south part believes that it was their right for their own country and North part thought that the rebels will return. Then events followed by bombardment of Fort Sumter, and came the battle of Antietam. After the worst bloodshed and thousands of casualties Lee the commander led North to victory. Around 23000 warriors died in this.


4. Leipzig:

Leipzig Top 10 Most Dangerous Battles of World History

In the year 1813, this battle forced Napoleon to abdicate and made the Europeans realized their combined power. After Russia, Napoleon started inducting more soldiers in his army and promoting the present ones. On the other hand, the allied forces finally trusted each other and decided to be united against him. In the meantime, Napoleon refused to accept the peace agreement with foreign minister of Austria. The allies took some time, made intelligent plans and came up with a massive force against Napoleon. He had force of 175000 but was outnumbered as the enemy allies had twice as him. After the defeat, he retreated with is maximum army dead, heavily wounded or captured. After this came his last defeat at Waterloo and reign ended.


3. Stalingrad:

This battle resulted into huge loss on part of the Germans in time of World War II. Initially, Germany dropped bombs on Stalingrad and killed around 50,000 people. The battle changed positions many a times but eventually, and Germans thought that they will be victorious but to much of their surprise, the local people and civilians bounced back. The people started fighting with small arms and even got into hand-to-hand combat with the Germans. The Germans had once got control of central Stalingrad but again, the Russians pushed them and at last, the Russians finally defeated them. The Germans surrendered and were captured as prisoners of war. This war proved to be a turning point of World War II and for the defense of Communism.


2. Hastings War:

Hastings Top 10 Most Dangerous Battles of World History

Related to England, this war happened 10 centuries ago , this battle handed over the crown to Norman leader. In the war, the Normans were led by William and the Saxons were by Godwin. The battle was a close conflict when suddenly there started a rumor that William had got killed, which demoralized the Normans. The leader removed his face protection and came into the war leading his men, seeing this his men got inspired and pushed the attack. Ultimately, Godwin was killed and William became King William I.


 1. Yorktown:

York Top 10 Most Dangerous Battles of World History

The independence of United States is marked by this war. After the win at Saratoga, countries like France, Spain and Netherlands came into war against Britain and hence, the American independence chances increased. The guerilla like war in parts of America itself was a great tool for them which helped Americans to dominate. Assisted by the French at highest level, the American arms under Washington finally forced Cornwallis to give up. Ultimately, America got independence and this battle proved to be the most influential in the world.


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