Top 10 Most Important Events of Indian History

Indian History is one of the most fascinating detailed events than any other history. It has got variety in its history with the ruling changed from many rulers namely, Indian, Turks, Mohguls and Britishers. The history of India dates back earlier in time with the arrival of Aryans in India and those of the famous civilizations were flourished called Indus Valley Civilization and Mohanzodaro Civilization. Although, the best from the Indian History would be always the freedom struggle of India against British Rule and for the following article same has been chosen for the best events from Indian History .The Events for the following article has been taken for the account of Indian History with its past last not dating back in 1600. The following articles depicts the important events in Indian History since 1600 i.e., the arrival of British Company here in India, and since then the entire phase of India was changed dramatically. Here are the list of events in a  chronological time view.

10.) 1600 – East India Company

1600 arrival of east india company pic Top 10 Most Important Events of Indian History

The very first company of Britain in India is known as East India Company, which showed its interest in trade and other things. They got the trading rights from the then Indian Ruler ans established themselves here as a trading unit. There was a complete network of trade got set up in India soon

9.) Battle of Plassey – 1757

1757 battle of plassey pic Top 10 Most Important Events of Indian History

It was the very first battle of Indian Freedom. This was fought between Nawab Siraujudaulla the then Nawab of Bengal and East India Company. The battle brought severe consequences to the Nawab and he was fined with a heavy compensation. This battle established Company Rule in India. The Indians were aided by French troops but Company troops were much brutal in battle. It was the crucial war that company won and laid the foundation of Britain in India.

8.) 1829 – Sati System Abolition

sati system Top 10 Most Important Events of Indian History

This event is the most important in Indian History. India in ancient time was the place of high superstitions and many disbeliefs. Wives were to self-immolate themselves after the death of their husbands. The practice of this widow self-immolation was banned by British Government and with later in time, with the time of reformation, Dayanand Saraswati and Mahatma Gandhi also took steps in its abolition

7.) 1857-1858 (War of Independence and Rule of Victoria)

1857 58 britain rule pic Top 10 Most Important Events of Indian History

The very first nation wide revolt against Company rule took place in 1857, 23rd March from Sepoy mutiny of Barrackpore under the guidance of Mangal Pandey, the first freedom fighter in Indian history, who denied to obey the company rule on the account of his distractions from his own religions. The nation wide revolt was under “Bahadur Shah Jafar, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Babu Vir Kunwar Singh, Tantya Tope and many more. This battle brought an end to the company rule in India and the rule was transferred to the Queen Victoria, who was crowned the Empress of India.

5.) 1885 – Indian National Congress

inc congress Top 10 Most Important Events of Indian History

The now Congress party as known as in those time INC (Indian National Congress) was formed in 1885 and was the first major political party of India, who went and undertook public decisions. This party was the nation’s leader which struggled for the freedom against British Empire in India.

6.)  1916 – The Rise of Gandhi

gandhi rise Top 10 Most Important Events of Indian History

This was the year, when India saw the rise of a young man named Gandhi. he became the spiritual and major political leader of India, and under the guidance of his teacher Guru Gopal Krishna Ghokhale, he went on to become the first leader of INC.

7. 1897-1945 ( Subhash Chandra Bosh)

sc bose pic Top 10 Most Important Events of Indian History

The man who was amongst the most premier, prominent and respected leader in India, is Bose. He was the revolutionary man who with his extremist ideas, always tried for the freedom of India. He addressed the nation and said ” tum mujhey khoon do, Main tumhey azadi dunga. (Give me your blood, I’ll give you your freedom). Later on, he formed an another party called “All India Forward Bloc”, and continued in the freedom movement.

8.) 1922-1948 (Gandhi,His movements and Assassination)

freedom movements Top 10 Most Important Events of Indian History

Gandhi campaigned for freedom of India and along with his movements, he campaigned for liberation of women, abolition of untouchability and for brotherhood. He was the chief pioneer behind the Swadeshi Movement and the motto of Swaraj. He started “Non-Violence Movement”, which he had to stop after chaura-chauri incident in which Britishers were brutally murdered by extremists. In 1942, while the freedom movement was high, he called for “DO or Die”. He was assassinated by a man called “Nathu Ram Godse” who to in his terms “Gandhi was not a good leader and he thought him to be the reason behind the partition of India.

9.) 1947 – 15th August -1947

partition and independence of two nations Top 10 Most Important Events of Indian History

After the World War II came to an end, the freedom movement in India was at it highest peak and after the war, the Britishers were not in condition to carry on their rule enough in India. With this , the communal rights were going on in India, and after the partition of the nation in to two independent nations, now Pakistan and India, the nation was given the independence. Pakistan was formed on 14th August 1947, known as its freedom day and India got its independence on 15th August 1947.

10.) 1950 – The Federal Republic

federal india Top 10 Most Important Events of Indian History

Indian Constitution was framed and implemented in India in 1950 and the main man behind this constitution was Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar. Since, then the India has become one of the federal republic within the Commonwealth.


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