Top 10 Causes of Deaths in the US

We will all die soon. The question is how? Well in a world filled with deaths every day, let’s take at the top leading causes of deaths taken from the poll back in 2010 which is believed to be still in effect this year.

10. Suicide

Apparently depression is a disease we must cure. With the tenth cause of death we really should take care of our friends and invite less peer pressure and other causes of depression. Better start talking to your kids to make sure they aren’t thinking anything crazy!

9. Influenza/ Pneumonia

The cases of the flu are actually pretty scary looking at the deaths that these colds cause. With over 50,000 deaths caused back in 2010, this means that if were unprepared a common cold (or at least we think it is) would lead to our common deaths.

8. Nephritis

Something in the world has gone amiss when you see deaths caused by Nephritis. This disease is an inflammation of the kidneys caused by infections, auto-immune disease and the like. In most cases these sickness are inherited though it would not be seen during birth.

7. Diabetes

We should start following what our doctors tell us and cut down on our sugar. A recent study has shown that the average intake of sugar in America has been slowly increasing as our foods are becoming sweetened, our drinks added with sugar and a lot more. It is obvious that with these facts, death concerning it will also rise.

6. Alzheimer’s

A surprising addition to the list is Alzheimer’s. But when you think about it, it does make sense. Memories, mixed up emotions and all those sudden forgetfulness can kill a person. Better get someone to watch your elderly carefully once theys tart losing it.

5. Accidents

Accidents do happen but apparently more often than we think it so. Accidents ranks 5th in causes of deaths. This calls for more cautionary actions as accidents DO happen when we least expect.

4. Stroke

Checked your cholesterol levels lately? Stroke (hemorrhagic or ischemic) is the 4th leading cause of deaths averaging over 120,000 of deaths. This makes you blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels something to look at. Recent studies have shown however that in the fight against stroke, Inflammation is the enemy and not cholesterol.

Causes of Deaths Top 10 Causes of Deaths in the US

3. Chronic respiratory ailments

On the top causes of deaths smoking could be one of the causes or we could attribute it to air pollution. Regardless of the answer our lungs are something that we should take care off. Killing nearly 140,000 on 2010, one should think twice to switch to e-cigarette products.

2. Cancer

It’s so sad to see that these deadly and dangerous disease still ranks the top on the list. The feared cancer kills over 570,000 people in 2010. This makes people more attentive to cancer prone products.

1. Heart disease

Of course our heart is still the leading causes of deaths. Not heart aches, heart diseases. From too much fat, to blood pressure to chronic heart disease, this is the leading enemy that we should be wary of. Killing nearly 600,000 people in 2010, we should keep our eyes open for its symptoms.

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