Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2012-2013

The best thing about humans is that no matter what the circumstances are, they celebrate everything; we just need a reason to spread happiness. Be it Christmas, Eid, Holi, deewali, Thanks giving, Summer Vacation, Independence Day or even Exams; we celebrate every event with full spirit. These days the world has become such an awful and crummy place that people long for happiness and cheerfulness; they try to find contentment in everything. They try to find a reason to be happy.

Another year has passed; the countdown for the New Year has finally begun and another reason for celebration has come. It’s time to say good bye to 2012 and spread your arms to welcome 2013. Everyone has different ways of celebrating New Year; some go for family vacation, some have family dinners, some party with friends and some enjoy a quite New Year by staying at home and watching the fireworks from their balconies. People do different things but in their hearts, they have the same feeling and the same wish. Every one thinking about not repeating their mistakes in the New Year and they hope that it will be a good year for them.

Almost everyone plans to make the most out of the coming year; a New Year gives them hope that they can still make the things right which went wrong in the past. Everyone makes a resolution, same in their hearts while others among friends; it has become customary to make a promise. Everyone makes different kinds of resolutions, the top 10 New Year Resolution are:


start saving money 300x300 Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2012 2013


Life is cruel and we are the slaves of destiny, we never know what is in the store for us. Today you are doing very well but tomorrow who knows? You can be the next victim of fate. Some say we make our own destiny and some say that the destiny makes us. We never know; life is unpredictable. All we can do is to be prepared, we must be rehearsed. In this world, money can buy anything; if you need a good life, you need money. With money you are everything and without it you are doomed. So start saving. Get yourself a budget, be a little organized and do not spend money on rubbish. Having a tiny saving account won’t hurt.


quit smoking1 300x203 Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2012 2013

Smoking is injurious to health, smoker often get to hear this statement but they pay no attention to it. A person starts smoking due to three technical reasons; first is loneliness, second is broken heart and third is stress. All three of them can be cured; you only need to find your remedy. But despite of finding a solution, people shake hand with tobacco. When the smoker inhales the smoke, it enters the blood along with oxygen; it generates a kind of chemical reaction in our nervous system which is similar to the essence of pleasure. Instead of finding peace and happiness in the real world, the smoker chooses the fake happiness. Quit smoking and take a step towards the real happiness.


 Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2012 2013

As smoking is injurious to health, lying is injurious to soul. When a person lies, a part of his soul dies. It is observed that when a person lies, he doesn’t look straight into the eye; if you are not able to look into the eye of someone else then how will you face yourself. Tell the truth, you may have to face a few moments of mortification but it will save you from the humiliation of an eternity.  All you need are the few ounce of courage; if you did something wrong, you will do more wrong by denying it. Stop lying


make your dreams come true Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2012 2013

Every person has a hidden desire, something we want but we do not have the strength required to fight for it. You have waited a very long time for that dream to come true. Time has now arrived that you fight for your dream and achieve it. Everything and everyone has a time, this is your time. Failure does hurt, but a shattered dream hurts even more. If you witness failure, you can always try again but if your dream breaks, your heart breaks along with it and nothing in this world can mend a broken heart.


move on 300x200 Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2012 2013

It’s time to wake up; you have had a long nap. It’s high time that you move out of your past. By hankering and fretting over an unchangeable past, you might miss something really important from the present which may have a very vast effect on your future. What’s done is done; just leave the past in the past and move on. You cannot change what happened but by sticking with it for so long you are making it even more worse.


be happy 300x300 Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2012 2013

God has chosen a life for you and has designed a destiny. A fate has been bestowed on you; you cannot change your destiny but you can make your life better by accepting it. Things become easier when you start accepting them. Love yourself and your life; stop complaining, no one wants to hear complains. You must follow one rule of life, you are not supposed to complain. Accept yourself, accept your life and be happy.


start working out 300x199 Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2012 2013

There are two types of people; one who eat so that they can live and second who live only to eat. Be in the first category; we have been sent in this world to discover its secret not to enjoy unhealthy junk food. Stop eating junk and start working out. Make a habit of swimming and jogging. Keep yourself fit and healthy because you have a long life to live; without health, life will be like pizza without cheese.


do not waste electricity Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2012 2013

Spiritually, sun is the source of light but technically electricity is the source of light in our life. What will you do when there will be no electricity left. Our resources are gradually running out so start saving it. Make sure no extra light or fan is turned on; use the air conditioned only when you need it; switch off the button when you are not using the microwave or charger.


keep the city clean 300x273 Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2012 2013

Keep the city clean and if you cannot clean the city so at least do not make it dirty. Trash bins are placed on the roads and park so that people can throw the garbage in it. Trash bins are not for decoration, they are for use. Even ever you feel like throwing a wrapper on the road or floor, look around you; there will be a trash bin in your vicinity, if not keep it in your pocket, purse or bag and throw them in the bin when you find one.


never hurt anyone Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2012 2013

Words once spoken and actions once done can never be taken back. Think before speaking and doing anything. Your actions and words have the power to break a person. If you cannot give contentment to someone, do not provide them with grief. You have no right to break some one’s hurt and you have absolutely no authority to hurt a person.

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