Top 10 Most Common Parenting Issues

If having a baby is a new and totally an out of world experience, there starts another next greater twist in life, which is all about parenting. There is not, any single job as toughest as parenting. Parenting is all about a bundle of things done without any expectations from anyone, but it’s the most difficult one. When a child is born, it’s a joy to look at the baby with those tiny fingers and toes, cute mouth which smiles at you no reason, cries like all the walls around you is going to collapse, still you like the sound (believe me, everyone wants to hear a baby cry first when its taken out of its mother’s womb) The responsibility of taking care starts. Parenting is all about helping out your children to grow up into a responsible young man or a woman. Though the outer picture looks beautiful, but parenting has many issues from the beginning stage of child as a toddler, school going, adolescence, and still it goes on. There are some certain issues which can cause serious changes in a child’s behavior which can affect the child’s development sometimes. Some can be temporary problems and can become a permanent problem. At such times the parents, a mother and a father are equally responsible and need to work as a team to help your child to overcome the issues he are she might be having. Some of such common parenting issues are:

10. Troubles with toilet training

potty training Top 10 Most Common Parenting Issues

Yes, it looks as simple, but someone who deals with babies and toddlers, the work needed behind this task to teach a child is as difficult. Potty training is usually done in the early months of a child birth and this usually takes a lot of effort for a mother to train her child not to pass in sheets or at unwanted places, instead of rushing to bathrooms. Most of the time babies get used to diapers and they find it difficult to pee without a diaper on them, making them sit and do it without a diaper is more difficult for both the baby as well as the mother. This stage has its own many sleepless nights.

 9. Not listening to parents or elders

not listening Top 10 Most Common Parenting Issues

As much as we want our children listen to us, that much they try to annoy us by not listening. Though we think it’s an odd behavior, it’s a common thing among children. Whining, throwing tantrums, balk talk are some of the common characters observed in today’s children. There are lot many factors which come in for these kind of behavior in children. We say our children are like how we are, and they take us for an example and behave exactly how we behave. Most of the time we might have not noticed, when a husband and wife fights in front of a child, there are lot of bad things setting as an example to their child. Though the child might not looking at you, but their mind pays all the attention on things you talk, way you behave, and the way deal with the problem. Some times, media also can be a bad effect on children making them learn all kind of unwanted things. This is a serious problem to a parent when they try to make their children listen to them. Set yourself as an example and let the child learn from you in discipline and stay calm while someone argues is the best way to teach a child. Some children can be more aggressive, in such case you need deal with more patience, and spanking a child would harm the situation more making the child more stubborn and drawn in.

8. Sibling rivalries

sibling rivalries Top 10 Most Common Parenting Issues

Having more than one child is always a lot of work especially in growing ages when every child starts wanting same things. It can be the toughest times and most nerve wrecking job at times. But this is one of the most common problems to every parent. Most of the time a sibling rivalry begins even before the second child is born due to the fear of sharing his precious things and most of all his parents. It is necessary for a parent to have a talk with their first child about the advantages of having a brother or a sister. This continues until they grow up and it’s the responsibility of a parent to teach your children to respect one another and love each other.

7. Getting in trouble at schools

at school Top 10 Most Common Parenting Issues

Most of we parents think that our child is being naughty and there is nothing much to worry, when his or her teacher complains they need to concentrate on changing his behavior. Of course there is a possibility of a little issues exaggerated by school authorities sometimes, but most of the time, the teacher is the one who watch your children outside the boundary of a parent. Some children take that to their advantage, and starts being rude and mischievous in schools. Anything done too much is not good and it is trouble. While the teacher cannot help than drag the child to head teacher, and then calling the parents to notify, all that is a mess for a child. There can be many reason for a child’s behavior problems. Some times parents spending less time with the child can make the child more arrogant or sometimes, overly strict parent can make the child different. A child needs equal time for everything in his day with proper healthy food and love from people around.

 6. Stealing

stealing Top 10 Most Common Parenting Issues

No child is born a thief and stealing is one of a common habit which children develop at school ages. A child can learn to steal something which it finds attractive either by looking at other children with similar habits or it could be a simple desire to own the thing to them. Though it might look like a simple problem, it can turn into serious one as they grow up. Stealing habits can give birth to lying, cheating, bullying and all kind of bad habits. Hence a parent needs to be attentive about their child behavior changes, and keep note of the things they have. If spot a new thing it’s important to find the truth and correct them with as much as strict rules needed. These kind of children should be controlled at the early ages if you feel your child is showing tendencies of such habits without neglecting them by thinking they will outgrow it while they grow.

5. Choosing wrong friends

wrong friends Top 10 Most Common Parenting Issues

I remember when I was a child my mother particularly wanted me to sit in first bench and be with the ranking girls. I thought it was silly of her to make such choices for me. But I understand now why she was persistent about it. Our environment we live in and the kind of people we are with can make a serious impact on our minds and the kind of attitudes we develop. Though we might have good atmosphere at our house, we spend most of our time outside. In growing stages friends are the most important people in a young girl or boy life. Hence when a child makes his or her choice of friends, its always a worry to a parent that if she or he is good circle of people or not. Do not be overly protective in adolescent age, as they can tune out and can get into trouble. Deal carefully with polite ways with your children if you think they are in bad circle. But sometimes our choice can be different from theirs. So think from your child’s perspective and than make decisions.

4. Not communicating with parents

communicating with parents Top 10 Most Common Parenting Issues

This is another common issue with a child observed usually in adolescence. Normally gives chills to a parent when they see their children going to shell. They try to be detached from their surroundings. A parent might worry over nothing and sometimes there can be serious problem. Observing carefully with your child behavior will help to realize if he or she need help. Most of the children stop communicating with a parent for many reasons such as when the parents are too busy to talk, or when the parent do not listen or care to what the child have to say, or most of the time the child is ignored, or if there are any marital problem between the parents and many hence such things factor in for a child not to communicate. It is very much essential to keep any kind of marital problems within and not let the child know, because children are more vulnerable and they cannot make a choice of whom they love more. A father and a mother are equally important. With other issues for the child not communicating, try your best to pay them more attention, and listen to what they say, give your opinions occasionally just to make them feel that your interested in what they are telling you, they might surely open up to you.

 3. Staying out of the house for long hours

It’s certainly a worrisome problem to a parent when their children starts going out friends newly. As much as it’s necessary to give them freedom to move out of the nest bit by bit, it is also necessary to make certain rules to stay close by or in touch. Excitement can make a person forget everything and every child find it more interesting to enjoy long hours out with friends. Though we might know where they are and with who they are, it is always good to set rules to return home at certain time. Especially with girls it’s more necessary to educate them of today’s hazards of staying late out or being with unknown people and any such thing. A polite talk with your children about your rules and why they need them could help a parent to ease out of their fears.

2. Misconduct to women and elderly people

eve teasing Top 10 Most Common Parenting Issues

Behavior of these kinds can be a nightmare to parents and it is a very important for a parent to notice this problem and try to solve it. Respecting women and elderly people need to be taught from a young age and that starts at home. Respecting own mother, a teacher, a grandmother or anyone around. Eve teasers are punished sometimes and in such cases some parents take the wrong part by helping there children escape from punishment and support them. Supporting your children in their wrong doing can eventually lead to a bad life of your own children.

 1. Attitude development

attitude Top 10 Most Common Parenting Issues

We might have heard people telling he or she got an attitude or an attitude problem. A person develops an attitude to be rude or arrogant makes them look shallow in society and will have less friends. This also can be a parenting problem sometimes. This can be a cause of neglect from parents, money, and carelessness and so on.


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