Top 10 Things You Miss about Not Staying at Home with Parents

Parents are our friends, philosopher and guide when we are growing up. But life does not permit us to stay with them once you reach that official adulthood. Initially, it seems so exciting when you first taste the fruit called ‘freedom’. Gradually, this freedom turns into a challenge. Making all the decisions is not as easy as it may sound. Literally, you have nobody to play the blame when some of your decisions end up being disastrous.

1) No morning tea: You get up in the morning finding that nobody is there to serve you the bed tea. Not only that, you have to prepare either all your meals or you have to risk your pocket money to eat out or you have to starve. Suddenly you will feel nobody is going to care about your empty stomach.

2) Clothes are not in place: That moment when you are getting ready for your first interview with a big media giant and suddenly discovering that your dresses are gone into some rabbit hole. At your utter embarrassment you finally dig them out from the bin and of course they are so dirty that you have to plead for a new date with the HR manager.

3) Buying groceries: Have you ever thought that these petty groceries can make you insolvent? How much you miss the free food at home. Right now you know why your mom always used to rebuke you whenever you thrash the plate full of food into the bin. Every penny counts.

4) No favorite dishes: Your closet, these days, are not filled up with your favorite cookies, candies and cereals. You try to remember the last time you have tasted those chicken nuggets was. If you want it you have to do it on your own now!

5) No one to forbid: At first it must be a pleasure to you that you have an undisturbed privacy. But gradually you realize that you are missing those days terribly when your parents kept their eyes always on you.

advantages of living alone Top 10 Things You Miss about Not Staying at Home with Parents

6) Maintenance matters: Returning back to home you find that the AC is not working and you forgot to call the mechanic last night. The very next moment your eyes fall on the electricity bill and you gulp down the idea of calling AC repairing service guys.

7) Doing dishes: You hate throwing parties at your place. Once it’s over you are not allowed to think about bed. You need to wash those piles of dishes, clean the floor, collect those beer bottles and bring back the sane look.

8) Taking decisions: You are getting bored in your job. Want to change it. But somehow you can’t share the pros and cons with your colleagues or peers. At this critical moment you miss living with your parents. They could be so much of help.

9) Healer of pains: They are the only persons who are worried whenever you are hurt, injured or down.

10) Blanket matters: It’s chilling outside and you have left your blanket downstairs. Now your body is close to the freezing point. Then suddenly you feel warm inside a blanket. That’s not going to happen ever.

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