Top 10 Tips to Overcome Procrastination

A person considers certain projects and task as a torture, when he feels uninterested or bored. This kind of feeling often leads to procrastination which in turn leads to guilt. Here are the top 10 tips to avoid such situations and to overcome procrastination.

10) Stop thinking and just do

Whenever you are assigned a task just start doing it without any thinking.

9) Know the end result of doing a task

Before you start a project or task, it is good to understand the end result of the task or project to avoid procrastination. Try to understand what will be the effect and changes in your life as a result of completing the task.

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8) Prioritize your task

You are mostly procrastinated on a task which is not actually so important. Might be you love to rearrange your books in the shelf but it does not seems to be very important task to be completed. Prioritize your task based on the importance and never let them hang over you.

7)  Delegate

Most of the individuals find themselves procrastinating on chores at their homes such as laundry and cleaning. Some may be busy with their paperwork at their office. It is best to delegate them. Take some of your boring tasks, such as, cleaning, kids, administrative assistants, laundry services and much more from your list. Take off some boring tasks from your list and make yourself free to do something interesting.

6)  Do not be afraid to do multiple tasks

Be ready to work on multiple tasks that require extra interest and attention to attempt those tasks. Do not be afraid to perform more than one task at a time like watching TV and paying the bill simultaneously or talking over phone while cleaning your house.

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5) Listen to Music

Listen to some upbeat and fun filled music so that you may feel pumped up to work on the boring task. Mostly showtunes and 80s music are considered as a energy boosting factor. By listen to music, you gain the required energy to deal or tackle your boring tasks.

4) Break tasks

Divide your task into small ones to manage them easily and to give a sense of directions. You can divide even a small task into small ones to complete your task with ease. Even a difficult and big task can be handled easily by splitting it into small divisions. A feeling of overwhelm often makes you procrastinated.

3) Reward yourself to complete the task

If there is a dinner waiting out or a CD available nearby you, you reward yourself to complete the boring task assigned for you first and move on for a dinner or music. To complete your boring tasks, keep your reward as an encouraging factor.

2) Invite a friend to help you

When other person involves in your task, procrastination becomes harder. When you are assigned an unexpected task and feel difficult to do, then get a friend involved in your task to help you. If there are errands assigned to you in your task then invite a friend who can help you run an errand.

1)  Recharge your energy daily

Enough sleep is very important in everyone’s life. We should take sufficient rest and good sleep everyday to gain the energy required to complete our tasks daily.

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