Top 10 Tips for Writing an Eye-catching Online Dating Profile

The internet is a great way to meet new people and online dating can supply many success stories from happy couples. When first signing up to a dating website, singles have the chance to write a personal profile which allows other people to find out more about them. Here are ten tips for writing a profile which stands out and gives you the best chance of finding love quickly.

Top 10 tips for writing an eye catching online dating profile Top 10 Tips for Writing an Eye catching Online Dating Profile

Be Honest

Being honest and genuine is a sure-fire way to get more people to contact you. If you seem fake or disingenuous, people will be put off wanting to get you better. It’ll also be awkward when the truth eventually comes out. Don’t feel tempted into telling fibs to make yourself look different.

Use a Good Picture

Choosing a profile picture is very important. Make sure it’s a recent shot where you can be clearly seen (no group pictures) and that your face isn’t covered by a hat brim or sunglasses. People will want to see who the person they are messaging is before they arrange to meet up.

 Eye catching online dating profile Top 10 Tips for Writing an Eye catching Online Dating Profile

Be Funny

There’s nothing wrong with using a little humour to make your profile stand out. If you can be funny in your description of yourself it’ll help people warm to you before you’ve even met.

Bring Out your Good Points

Your personal profile is your chance to make yourself look like the wonderful, dateable person you are. If you’re shy about talking yourself up, why not get a friend to help you?

Be Specific

When talking about your hobbies, it’s better to be specific than make a list of vague activities. Many people say they like to travel but people are more likely to be interested by specific places or activities. Have you been to the Great Wall of China or done the Three Peaks Challenge? Put it in your profile!

Choose your Answers Carefully

Many dating websites have a list of specially selected questions to help singles find people who are most suited to them – eHarmony, for example, matches people based on their compatiblity (click here to sign up). When going through these questions, choose your answers carefully as you’ll be much more likely to meet someone you really click with as a result.

Make it Clear What you Want

It is possible to make it obvious what you’re looking for without seeming too serious. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, put this in your profile. If you’re looking for something more casual, it’s OK to be honest. Other singles will want to know what you’re OK with before they meet you.

Leave It (somewhat) Open

While it’s a good idea to be specific about who you are, there is such a thing as being too specific about your potential match. Decide on a short list of things you really want in a partner and leave it at that. Otherwise it may be a while before you go on any dates.

Don’t Waffle

Be specific in your profile but try not to be long-winded. Nobody logs into eHarmony looking to read an essay. Keep it short but interesting.

Don’t Panic!

If you aren’t sure about your profile once you’ve finished it, you can always edit it later. There’s no limit on how much you can change your information. As long as you feel your profile is putting across the best impression of you, that’s all that matters.

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