Top 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies in the World

Most people would agree that spy agencies are necessary for countries to prepare themselves against attacks from enemies, mainly because of the lack of trust among nations. It is believed that until and unless permanent peace is established on Earth, intelligence services will continue to exist to protect their respective countries.

Below is a list of the top 10 most powerful spy agencies of the world.

10. RAW, India

Established in 1968, its initial focus was to protect attacks from India’s immediate neighbors. But with the country’s changing political situation and new foreign policies, Research and Analysis Wing has spread to farther corners of the globe,

9. ISI, Pakistan

One of the most notorious intelligence services in the world, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence was started in 1948, just a year after the country gained independence from India. The power of this agency is thought to be so much that it is sometimes referred to as a state within a state.

8. MI6, United Kingdom

Popularly known as “the secret front line” of Britain’s national security, the Directorate of Military Intelligence Section 6 of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) has been around for more than a century now.

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7. Mossad, Israel

With its agents spread in all corners of the world, Mossad is a spy agency dedicated to protecting the political and economic interests of the Jews of Israel. One operation where Mossad played a pivotal role was the hostage rescue of kidnapped Israelis at a Uganda airport in 1976.

6. CIA, United States of America

Quite arguably the largest and most notorious intelligence agencies of the world, the CIA just like Mossad has agents spread in all parts of the world. Protecting the interests of the only superpower of the world is not an easy job and the people who are part of CIA are vigorously tested before being recruited.

5. MSS, China

The Ministry of State Security may not be a very well-known intelligence service but is certainly one of the most powerful. One of its primary responsibilities is to neutralize elements who conspire against the Communist Party of China.

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4. DGSE, France

Founded in 1982, the General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) claims that it has prevented more than 15 major terrorist attack since that fateful day of 9/11. The number of agents in this service are estimated to be around 5000 and are thought to be spread around the world.

3. GRU, Russia

The GRU might not be as famous as its predecessor KGB, which is now thought to be defunct, but is certainly as powerful. It is the backbone of the Russian military especially on overseas locations.

2. BND, Germany

The Bundesnachrichtendienst is German for Federal Intelligence Service. This agency is at the frontline of all intelligence services of the world. Its primary objective is to detect and neutralize elements that pose a risk to the German nation.

1. ASIS, Australia

Even though Australia is relatively isolated from terrorist attacks, the premier Intelligence service of Australia keeps a watch around the world for potential threats to the country. The agency focuses mainly on Asia Pacific although its agents are spread all over the world.

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