Top 10 Celebrity Animal Right Activists

Aside from the movies, pictorials, shooting, autograph signing, tours, and TV appearances, there is another thing that keeps these celebrities busy. It is protecting animal rights. These are the top ten celebrity animal rights activists.

10. Bob Barker. He was the host of The Price is Right. Bob Barker helps in funding spay and neuter clinics. He also fights against the use of elephants that are said to be physically hurt during training, in circuses. He believes that circus is not a place for animals. He was the chairman of Be Kind to Animals Week even which was held in Los Angeles. This raised his awareness to the cruelty that animals experience.

9. Hayden Panettiere. Hayden is an active member of Sea Shepherd and fights against the slaughter of sea creatures including whales and dolphins. She even got into a confrontation with a Japanese Fisherman who was hunting dolphins. This act earned her PETA’s Compassion in Action Award. She attempted to speak with the mayor, but she and her activist companions were not allowed to enter the mayor’s office. She is now the spokesperson of Save the Whales Again which is a Whaleman Foundation campaign. She is also an active member of other organizations such as Save the Whales, Orca Network, and Humane Society.

8. Rachel Ray. She raised awareness on how to take care of pets properly and released her own line of pet food. Parts of the proceeds are donated to animal welfare organizations and pounds such as North Shore Animal League America, Bad Rap, and American Vet Dogs.

7.  Brigitte Bardot. She owns and manages her own organization called Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals which is a hands-on organization, going out to the field to host and participate in different events such as animal rescue, stray cats’ sterilization, and other campaigns.

6. Heather Mills. She left her mark in animal rights activism when she played a major role in putting an end to the importation of dog and cat fur to the European Union. She has starred in videos for raising awareness on animal cruelty and donated large amounts of money to different organizations such as Shepherd Conservation Society and actively supports FARM and Farm Sanctuary.

5. Mariana Tosca. She is an active member of different animal rights protection organizations and in fact, sits at the advisory board of Elephant Voices, Dream Catcher Wild Horses and Burro Sanctuary, National Equine Resource Network, Born Free USA, Save the Chimps, and Voice for the Animals Foundation.

4. Paul McCartney. A vegetarian and an active animal rights activist, Paul fights against seal hunting, and banning fur trade especially in Israel.

Animal Right Activists Top 10 Celebrity Animal Right Activists

3. Ellen DeGeneres. The talk show host is very active in working against animal right violators. She received numerous awards including American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Founder’s Award, Humane Society’s Wyler Award, and PETA’s Woman of the Year Award. She is working with the U.S. Postal services for the Stamps to the Rescue program wherein pictures of rescued animals will be made into stamps. She is also a partial owner of Halo, Purely for Pets which pledged to donate millions of pet food to shelters nationwide. She is an active member of Farm Sanctuary, Humane Society, and Society for Animal Protective Legislation.

2. Dennis Rodman. The NBA player is the first male athlete to join the campaign “Rather Wear Nothing than Fur”, and is a long-time vegetarian.

1. Steven Seagal. This action star is active in sending correspondence to country leaders in appealing for the protection of animals. He actively works with PETA in fighting against fur trade.

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