Top 10 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

The celebrity world is full of the unspeakable and the unbelievable . They worked for their followers as long as they lived. During their careers they do many things which impress us , influence us and also deeply touch us . Most of them live ideal lives full of stardom , luxury , style and power  . Throughout their lives they never missed a chance to leave ...

Top 10 Best Salman Khan Movies

Salman khan, born 27 December 1965 is among the Four Khans of the Bollywood; he made his big real debut with the movie “maine pyaar kiya”, which was a massive hit at the box office; khan entered the phase of stardom soon after his first movie was released.  This bad boy of Bollywood was rated as the best looking man in India and 7th best looking man in the ...

Top 10 Sad Songs of all time,Beware they can make you Cry

The sad song. Many singers, and musical groups, try to stay away from this type of song as it can have a severe impact on the rest of their careers. If it is not sad enough, then it could spell disaster for any forthcoming song they may have planned. However, there have been plenty of sad songs throughout the years that have made the strongest of men crumble ...
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